Saturday, April 11, 2009

TWG Tea Restaurant

The soft patter of raindrops. Light jazz music amidst the soft incessant buzz of the place. Sipping tea with finger food at a leisurely pace while time flittered by. This was the life I had envisioned at Marmalade Pantry and the dream proliferates at TWG.

Cleverly perched on a "suspended" standalone area within Republic Plaza, you have to walk up a short flight of stairs from the first floor which will lead you to the sales area with its shelves of gourmet tea as well as the restaurant. TWG can only take about 30 people or so and oozes cosy warmth with its intimate dining area, huge glass windows with translucent curtains coupled with a glass ceiling.

Imperial Rose

I am honestly not a tea connoisseur but the Imperial Rose, which is a specialty brew of TWG, tasted very much like a Chinese tea, 铁观音.


This came as part of my tea time "Celebration Set". 8 half slices of bread sandwiching prawns, crab meat, foie gras and smoked salmon respectively, it appealed to my visual senses with its presentation. However, even though the bread was nicely toasted, I didn't quite take to them. The crab meat and prawns sandwiches were passable but the smoked salmon was way too salty and the foie gras just didn't come across as appetising, both in smell and taste.

Salmon A La Russ

I can't say much about the smoked salmon except that it was salty and came topped roe. However, the brioche that was served alongside was interestingly good. It actually tasted like croissant - flaky and buttery.


Another component of my tea time set, we chose praline, lemon and napolean tea macarons from the 6 or so varieties TWG carries. Personally I still prefer their vanilla macaron, something which they didn't have at that point in time.

Strawberry Tart

Insipid as it looked, the strawberry tart came highly recommended by the staff. And I was rather impressed. It was essentially vanilla bean creme brulee sans the caramelised layer with bits of strawberries sandwiched in between and served on a tart base. A stellar example of never judging a book by its cover. Best of all, it was part of my set as well.


I didn't have much of the crumble so I shall reserve my comments. The ice cream sounded interesting though - Napolean Tea cheesecake ice cream, which was apparently very well received by the aspiring tai tai who sat across from me.


A 3.5 hr tea session cost us about $82, which probably isn't the cheapest place to chill out but for the delightful ambience and earnest service, its probably worth it to dig deep into your pockets just for a relaxing afternoon at this place with your partner or alone with a book.
As the first signs of dusk seeped through the windows and I played observer to the throngs of working people frantically crossing the street to catch the next train home, I was reminded of my own reality - one that had no affinity with this almost surreal lifestyle.

Likes: Very nice place with good service. Variety of tea is extensive.
Dislikes: Don't open on weekends, rather pricey

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10

Address: #01 - 22, Republic Plaza

Contact: 6538 1837

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm



red fir said...

So who is the aspiring tai tai who sat across from you? :)

fatpig said...

It would be most inappropriate for me to reveal. =)

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, quite an expensive place for food. But the presentation of the food looks really nice and the desserts look so tempting!

red fir said...

Your TTIT (tai-tai-in-training) certainly knows how to enjoy a slice of good life. And many slices at that.

An afternoon tea costing $80 is an extravagance. You've been warned about the food though.

eatinginkl said...


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fatpig said...

Sugar Bean: Just go there for tea :P

ice: Yea 80 bucks is a little over the top.

Fen said...

What a concidence, I was there last Wednesday evening and was surprised by the amount of tea they have, I don't even know how to place my order...

Hmm... Vanilla macaron, are you refering to the white coloured ones? Those are flavoured with mint tea while the black ones are flavoured with vanilla tea, if I am not mistaken...

I second your praises for the Singapore surprise, was impressed by the combination...

Was quite surprised you ordered a pot of Imperial Rose. The celebration set also come with a pot of tea... Guess the additional pot of tea and the Salmon A La Russ added a fair bit to your bill...

Ice, the lifestyle you are having is also quite chi-chi in my opinion... I always read your blog with envy...

fatpig said...

Hi Fen,

Singapore surprise? Where did that come from? Yea the salmon + additional pot of tea + the crumble added quite a fair bit to my bill. And the vanilla macaron i was referring to was the white one with vanilla filling, something which they had a few weeks back.

Fen said...

Singapore Surprise is the name of the strawbrry tart.

Hmm... white one with vanilla filling... When I was there last Wed, there were 6 types of macarons, the black, dark brown, light brown, yellow, pink and white. I was told that the white one is flavoured with mint tea. All their macarons are filled with either milk or white chocolate ganache...

I could feel the milk chocolate filling but white chocolate... hmm... not obvious, just sweet in my opinion... but the white one put Siyuan off completely as he is never a fan of Mint.

fatpig said...

Oh cool. Thanks for letting me know the name =)

Last week they had new flavours already and there was no more vanilla. I asked them about it. But a couple of weeks back when I first went, they had it. So sad.

Fen said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sad... I am a fan of vanilla desserts... Didn't know some of the old flavours have been removed...

It is so hard to remember the flavours of the macarons, they incorporate tea and other ingredients into it... and to make it worst, those are not common flavours...

fatpig said...

When we first went, the macarons were normal macarons - chocolate, rose, lemon, vanilla I think. And the nice French guy gave us a vanilla one to try. It was so good that we bought a box of 5. :)

R said...

Huh? Not open on weekends? Quite silly methinks. It's when the rest of the non-taitai people have time to enjoy tea isn't it? Surely they shouldn't focus on only earning the money of the tai tai's. However it does make sense because of their location- no one would go to RP on a weekend.

For lazy weekday afternoons, I'd recommend one to hit mezza9 bar at Hyatt for a chill. 80 bucks can buy you five delicious cocktails. And you still can shop around after drinking. Isn't shopping the main hobby of tai tai's? :P