Saturday, April 25, 2009

World Gourmet Summit - Oriol Balaguer

This one wasn't as interesting as David Rocco's but its nice to see how chocolate is made, especially artisan ones.


JY said...

Cool! What else was demonstrated during the culinary workshop?

Did you try any of OB's desserts during the workshop or at Mezza9? I had some of them at Mezza9 on Wed night and it was quite disappointing. Don't think the ingredients were exactly very fresh.

fatpig said...

Hi JY, he only demonstrated how to make 3 of his best selling chocolates. Yea I tried his chocolates during his workshop. =)

JY said...

Oooh just out of curiosity, what types of chocs were they and were they good? :P

fatpig said...

We had the olive oil chocolate, Mascleta and one other which I don't remember the name. But it tasted like raspberry.

I am not really a chocolate person so even if they were good, I wouldn't be the best person to appreciate them =)