Friday, June 12, 2009

Brasserie Les Saveurs

Was in the mood for a leisurely and luxurious Sunday brunch to whittle my time away and what better place to have it then at the opulent St Regis? Having a sizable discount definitely helped steer my decision though.


Les Saveurs spots high ceilings with huge glass windows running to the ground, which gives a soaring and almost carefree feeling. Victorian style chandeliers add a sophisticated touch of class and so do the matching chairs and carpet. In short, a great place to relax and enjoy your food. There is a 3 man band just outside the restaurant that will belt out different tunes throughout the brunch to add to the experience.


The brunch comprises 3 components - The eye catching dessert table and the appetisers table, your choice of a main course from the menu and last but not least, daily chef's specials that are "hawked" from table to table. The daily specials make up quite a substantial portion of the brunch and can range from fried rice to cod fish to foie gras or even shooters. The appetisers table has quite a decent amount of food like foie gras, salmon & tuna sashimi, oysters, air dried wagyu beef and the likes. There is even a small counter where rows of beautifully baked buns, muffins, croissants etc tempt even the most staunch carbo abstainers. And may I add that the dessert counter was so aesthetically and exquisitely presented that I had the urge to start on desserts first before anything else.


For the most part, food quality was consistently good and no expense was spared in ensuring that. Everything is made bite sized so that you are able to try a wider variety. I particularly liked the macarons, which were almost on par with Pierre Herme's signature macarons that I had the privilege of trying sometime back. Overall, I thought that the food quality far surpassed my expectations and can put quite a few buffets in some reputable hotels to shame.


Professional and seemingly eager but tended to be overwhelmed at times, especially with the restaurant running at full capacity.

Value for money

At $128++ for the non champagne aka fruit juice/tea option, it is probably one of the priciest brunches in the market right now but food quality is evident. If you opt for the moet and chandon option, it will cost you $158++ while premium champagne like Krug will set you back by a princely $338++/pax. Final words, if you have the cash to blow and 3 hours to spare, Les Saveurs might just be the place for you.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6.5/10

Address: Lobby Level, St Regis Singapore

Contact: 6506 6866

Opening Hours: Daily 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM



Unknown said...

Oh my god! Opulent! Tks for letting me know what's in here! Wow....

fatpig said...

You are most welcome =)

hazel said...

Hi What is cost of lunch buffet during weekday? Thank u! :)

ratatouille said...

this is pure indulgence, just for one person!

fatpig said...

Hi Hazel, I don't think they serve lunch buffets or any other buffets for that matter except for the champagne brunch =)

Rata: Yea it is! And its damn shiok! haha

Jaslyn said...

They also serve buffet dinner (seafood and international). I also love the variety.

Brasserie La Saveurs said...

Beyond words... slurp!

Unknown said...

ah~ have been contemplating whether to make it to St Regis for brunch as I've been hearing mixed reviews (been thinking of trying a new place rather than always going to the same old same old). Based on yours I will give it a go. (Yeaps your review has a certain standing to me since I very much agree with your reviews - there's very few local food blogs that I agree with, yours are the few blogs I like).

fatpig said...

Hime, I'm deeply flattered and honoured for your support. Thank you very much =)

Please do go and let me know how it turns out. Its been more than 6 months since my visit and if standards have been maintained, I would love to revisit.