Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cafeteria IL Lido

Upmarket restaurant IL Lido at Sentosa has apparently gone mass market with its latest offering - Cafeteria IL Lido, located at Suntec City Mall. Although I didn't think too much about the upscale IL Lido, I was tempted to find out what its "mass consumer centric" eatery offered.

Interior & Menu

The eatery seats beside other mass market eateries around the mall's fountain area at B1 and boasts a seating capacity probably in excess of 80 pax. The place is rather "cafeish" and comes across as cheery and soothing with its bright wall tones and wooden furniture.

Spaghetti Carbonara

This honestly smacked of convenience. The pasta wasn't al dente while the cream sauce was rather watery without any presence of egg yolk and tasted like the pre made bottled cream sauces you could get off the shelves at any supermarket. The only saving grace was the generous amount of bacon chips which could have used a little more salt.

Ham and Mushroom Pizza

The pizza base was thin, almost to the extent of biscuit like. While I appreciate the gooey cheese and generous toppings atop, I didn't quite take to the pizza in general because everything tasted bland. The crust was way too thin (and hard) to absorb any flavours from the tomato sauce or the cheese and essentially you are just eating biscuit topped with ingredients, something which I can probably do myself without too much hassle.


This tiramisu has the dubious honour of being the worst tiramisu I have ever eaten in my life (sometimes I wonder if it is even edible) . For starters, it was served at room temperature and that resulted in the mascarpone cheese being soft and almost watery. To cut cost, they probably didn't add eggs in it as well, which made the whole dessert very flat tasting. The sponge fingers were terrible - drowned in what tasted like instant coffee and grossly soft. It came to a point where I was almost "drinking" the whole dessert. And if you are thinking alcohol, there is none of it present.

Black Forest

I would say the black forest was at least palatable. The cherries were a little dry but rather tart and the cream to sponge ratio was quite lopsided in favour of the cream. At least it was sweet though.


I don't know about you but $36 for such mind blowingly lousy food irritates me to no end. Compound the fact that service was seriously lacking ( I had to gesture for about 10 mins before I could catch the attention of any service staff and I wasn't the only table facing such problems) and that I had to pay a 10% service charge for that, I will never go back, not even step near it. Honestly, IL Lido has never enjoyed a high standing in my books but with Cafeteria IL Lido, the entire brand name has just slipped a few rungs.

Final Verdict:
Food:5/10 (2/10 for the tiramisu)
Value for money:5/10


Address: #B1-012 Suntec City Mall

Contact: 6883 2341

Opening Hours: Daily: 11.30am - 10pm


myfoodsirens said...

Wow, it sounds really bad. So far, I haven't see much positive reviews bout the place except in Sunday Times. And reviewers on HGW have slammed it like crazy..

His Food Blog said...

Spot on! I had their 2 specials of the day - crabmeat spaghetti and smoked duck pizza, and quality for both were bad.

I rank them on par, if not worse than Pasta Mania.

fatpig said...

myfoodsirens: Yep they are really quite bad. Wonder why there was a crowd.

HFB: I think pasta mania serves better pizzas but cafeteria il lido is quite generous with their ingredients.. that's probably the only plus point.

ratatouille said...

thks for the warning. i liked how u described the tiramisu: drinkable.

Cheezeballs said...

Spread the word...the food there is terrible, especially the sandwich and salads so typical ordinary and the vegetables they use seems not good. Positive reviews? Its because they paid for it to get reviewed good. I even saw one of there servers munching down on the leftovers at the back. So disgusting...

Anonymous said...

happend to be in Suntec yday with my niece and we saw the UOB 1-for-1 over thr and so we decided to eat thr.

a staff showed the family of three in front of us to a table and i thought another staff would at least showed us ours.

the rest of the staff saw my niece and me and yet none came over. i had to wave for like a few minutes before getting their attention to get me a table.

after we browsed through the menu, we had to wave a few more minutes to get one of the service staff to take our orders.

this female staff looked rather blur. i had to repeat my order twice and she didnt even write down on a paper. she just turned around and told the other male service staff about the order.

we waited for a very long time for our food and then i had to get the attention of the staff to ask about it.

a local female staff helped check my order and she came back to ask me what my order was. she wrote it down and disappeared into the kitchen.

we waited for a long while again and i had impression that my order wasnt taken at the first time.

my niece ordered Mac & Cheese and it was delivered to her correctly. However, my spaghetti bolognese was delivered to the next table.

i knew it was mine but i didnt voice out coz i wanted to see if they can find the owner of the food. guess what? they delievered the spaghetti bolognese to that same next table the second time.

i can tell that the couple at that table was very annoyed with the service too. finally my food came and it wasnt fantastic.

initially my niece wanted to eat the Black Forest coz it looked nice on the menu. at the end of our meal, i told her we go somewhere else for desserts. i had enough of their poor service.

the last straw was the bill. we had to wave for a few minutes again to get our bill. a couple of staff saw us but none came till the local chinese lady instructed one of them to bring the bill.

guess what again. it was delievered to the same next table. can you believe it?

the food was bad, the service was poor even after so many months still no improvement. im nv going to go back thr to eat again.