Sunday, October 25, 2009


Finally! A place that sells all day breakfast and nothing else - a casual eatery by the name of Hatched, which apparently is the brainchild of a former SAF scholar who probably decided that eggs and breakfast were his calling.

Interior & Menu

The eatery is housed in Evans Lodge, a rather dilapidated building along Evans Road that is home to a prata shop as well. The interior of the place is charmingly cozy, with bright sunlight frittering through the side windows. Capacity probably peaks at about 30 people or less, making reservations a must, especially on weekends. Special mention goes to the menu, which is extremely colourful and cute but probably caters more to the ladies then guys.

Dippy Eggs and Soldiers

Cutesy names and aesthetically pleasing food presentation aside, this dish didn't wow one bit. The dipping bread sticks looked tantalising but had a funny mildly rancid taste while the soft boil eggs didn't taste anything out of the ordinary (Read. Your local coffeeshop standard). A pity there wasn't enough Parmesan cheese or limp bacon bits to go around.

Burly Benedict

This was a double portion and it sure wasn't big. The eggs were nicely poached but the muffin wasn't spongy enough for my liking and was overly greasy. However, the major disappointment came in the form of the corned wagyu beef, which was a little rubbery and tasted very processed. It didn't help that the salt content was excessively high as well.

Croque Madam

The Ciabatta bread was rock hard and I mean it literally. I had to muster up quite a bit of strength in order to cut through it with my knife. Seriously, hurling it at someone could have caused a minor concussion. The grilled kurobuta ham tasted no different from ordinary ham which makes it a waste of good pork. The side of mashed potato could have done with a little butter but at least the mushroom drizzle was decent.


I thought that the smoked salmon was a tad too salty for my liking, masking the taste of the scrambled eggs. A very normal dish to say the least. I don't even know why we paid $12 for it. Well, at least the tomato was nice.


Ever had the feeling of being full but not the least bit satisfied? Well that was what we felt after our $58 brunch for 3. I like the vibe and decor of the place (save for the less then ideal car park lots) and I like the culinary concept. However, food quality treads in the average zone and the long waiting time for the food doesn't exactly help things. Lets hope, for Hatched's sake, that they buck up because I hate to see such a concept go to waste.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10


Address: #01-06 Evans Lodge, 26 Evans Road

Contact: 6735 0012

Opening Hours:

Sun-Thu: 8am - 10pm

Fri-Sat: 8am - 12am

(Closed on Mon)


On a more positive note, we had desserts at Cedele, which provided the satisfaction that we sought. Ironical eh?


red fir said...

Hatched is a very earnest & non pretentious eatery. Give them more time, I think the concept will pan out well.

fatpig said...

ice: I don't know about the earnest part. Maybe you can try going for a weekend lunch. :)

zhi said...

i think you're being too harsh. where can you get corned wagyu beef accompanied with breakfast items?

furthermore, with the lack of good breakfast eateries, i think it's great that Hatched is a fresh concept that caters to people who are craving for good ole eggs benedict.

i've eaten there before and yes the portions may not be big, but you're not paying any additional service charges and they are quite reasonable

and FYI, the dippy eggs and soldiers are Starters and they aren't supposed to be that filling, but to whet your appetite.

and i think you're really being too harsh, show me a good breakfast place. hell show me a good breakfast place that serves breakfast all day coupled with cheap foreign beers.

and lastly, i'd wish you would look up using ironic in the term of "ironical", because there is no. such. word.

nice pictures though.

fatpig said...

Hi Zhi,

thank you for your comments. Please allow me to address your points.

1) "where can you get corned wagyu beef accompanied with breakfast items?" - I don't see the rational behind this statement. That's like asking where can you get white truffles with breakfast items. If the item is good, it is irrelevant whether it comes with breakfast or lunch or dinner for that matter.

2) I agree that Hatched is a great concept but IIRC, Cedele serves all day breakfast too (Please correct me if I am wrong).

3) "hell show me a good breakfast place that serves breakfast all day coupled with cheap foreign beers." - Sorry I don't drink beers so can't really comment on that. But what I can say is that the best of the worst doesn't mean it should be around. It's a realistic world out there.

4) "i'd wish you would look up using ironic in the term of "ironical", because there is no. such. word." - May I suggest you search up on the word ironical? Google is your best friend. =)

Anonymous said...

I've been to HATCHED. A complete let down and a waste of my time and calories.


Sihan said...

what a pity though... the concept sounded pretty good coupled together with a pretty cute name. Hope that they improve as well.

Leon Koh said...

love your blog.. jsut to let you know you got a avid reader here

thanks for the reviews!

fatpig said...

Dennis: Thanks for sharing.

Sihan: I liked the name and concept too. Just hope they get their act together so that I can have a regular breakfast place to go to.

fatpig said...

Thank you for your support Leon =)

just anotheR said...

How can it not be pretentious with all that kurobuta and wagyu? Isn't bacon just bacon and ham just ham? :) why not just good ole eggs benedict with hollandaise?