Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

Had dinner with my family at Jumbo Serangoon Gardens to "commemorate" its 20 odd years of business in the area, just before its swan song at the end of October. Apparently the rent has at the club has shot up by quite a bit so Jumbo has decided to take its business elsewhere.

Interior & Menu

The interior looks a little dated but boasts a quirky blue ceiling with concealed lights to give an impression of dining under the sky - not that it really worked though but studies have shown that blue is a calming colour, which could have been useful, judging from the crowd that evening.

Kailan with Garlic

You can't really go wrong with fried kailan and garlic so no surprises or disappointments here. Portions are a little small for $12 though.

Chilli Crab

The crab seemed rather small for its purported weight (1kg) and it didn't help that this signature Jumbo dish failed to live up to expectations. The gravy was rather watery and didn't go very well with the oily, insipid mantous that used to be an object of greedy desire (for me at least) some 10 years ago. How quality has deteriorated over the years!

Homemade Beancurd

I liked the generous amount of golden mushroom that buried the homemade beancurd. What I didn't like was the lack of silkiness and savouriness in the beancurd. Sure, it was soft but didn't slither down my throat and came across as bland.

Deep Fried Red Tilapia

Tilapias don't go for much in the markets but we were charged $32 for it - hardly fitting. Inflated prices aside, the fish was nicely deep fried and crisp on the outside, coupled with firm flesh on the inside. I didn't appreciate the tons of bones within though. Overall an averagely decent dish.

Cereal Prawns

The prawns weren't fresh and the flesh tasted a little soft and "powdery". I certainly didn't expect that from an established seafood restaurant like Jumbo. On the upside, the prawns were deshelled, leaving only the head, something which most places don't bother to do. I did like the cereal dressing though - mildy spicy, crunchy and sweet. But then again, it wasn't enough to salvage this dish.

Mee Goreng

One of the staples of Jumbo ever since we started patronising them some 10 odd years ago, the mee goreng was a shadow of its former self. Overly sweet would be most apt in describing it, with the noodles carrying no taste except being sweet. Apparently the sweetness is used to cover the alkaline taste present in the egg noodles, but this is really an overkill.


I don't know about you, but $188 ($138 with a $50 discount) for a sub standard dinner for 6 pax just doesn't cut it for me. Service was decent in a haphazard sort of way. Final words? Good riddance to overpriced and commercialised sub quality food!

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10


Address: 22 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Contact: 6383 3435

Opening Hours:

Lunch 11.30am - 2.15pm

Dinner 6.00pm - 10.15pm



red fir said...

Tilapia is really freakin' cheap. At some tze char stalls, they sell it at $4.50. This is an utter rip off. You should have asked about the cost before ordering.

myfoodsirens said...

Hi! I'm not too sure whether was it you who commented on my letter (the one on bloggers can't speak their minds) on todayonline. But if it's you, thanks!

fatpig said...

Hi foodsirens, yes I commented. Your letter (edited version) appeared in My Paper today as well.