Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ministry of Steak

A new steak house has set up shop around my neighbourhood recently in an attempt to loosen Aston's stranglehold on the steak market for low to mid tier pricing steaks. Named Ministry of Steak (MOS), the name sounds like a rip off of the now defunct Ministry of Sound (also MOS for short) in Singapore.

The Place

Tucked away along the row of shophouses at Serangoon Gardens where the new NTUC is and just a stones throw away from Astons, MOS suffers from low visibility as the entire row of shops face away from the central bus stop. This particular unit has changed hands quite a few times due to low human traffic so it remains to be seen if MOS can thrive in such an obscure location.

Mushroom Soup

You have the option of adding $3 and getting a calamansi drink + a soup, which happened to be mushroom soup. The soup was rather watered down but at least it was decently creamy and had bits of mushroom in it. Not too bad for the price.

Pork Chops

With a name like Ministry of Steak, pork chops probably aren't their forte but this dish didn't turn out half as bad as I expected it to be. Sure, the meat was a little too chewy in certain areas and the garlic sauce a little too runny, but portions were generous and it beats eating tough pork chops served at some places.

Prime Sirloin

Cheapo me chose the cheapest steak on the menu - the prime sirloin. I must say that I was quite impressed by the handling and preparation of the meat. Beautifully grilled to medium rare as per my request and harbouring a moderate hint of salt, the steak was succulent and boasted natural beefy sweetness. You get 2 sides with every main course and my coleslaw and fries tasted decently fresh. Nothing to holler about though.

Black Pepper Steak

This was essentially the same cut as the prime sirloin, except that it came with black pepper instead of garlic sauce. And if it looks darker, yes it is, due to the fact that it was done medium well. A little drier and tougher, but still good for those who can't stand really stand the sight of blood.


The emergence of MOS in the area is sure to give Astons a terrific run for its money, given its quality and competitive pricing (3 of us spent $35). Throw in air conditioning and decent service and I know where I'll be satisfying my steak cravings again. This time I might just be tempted to try out the grade 5 wagyu for $30.

Final Verdict:
Food:7/10 (7.5/10 for the steaks)
Value for money:7/10


Address: 4 Maju Ave

Contact: 6280 1633

Opening Hours: Daily: 11am - 10pm

EDIT as of 7th Feb 2010: I have received notification that the owner has left MOS and has set up his own steak joint elsewhere.


myfoodsirens said...

Hi! Just wondering, does the menu have seafood? Or is it literally all red meat?

fatpig said...

Well pork is white meat =D

I think they have seafood on the menu but being a steakhouse, I have my reservations about the quality. But hey, you are free to substantiate my hypothesis or prove me wrong =)

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised if this is operated by one of Astons ex chef

Kristin said...

Wow looks really awesome but the location is abit far from my place.

fatpig said...

Anonymous: I heard it is operated by one of the ex chefs from Astons lol.

Kristin: You can give it a try if you happen to be in the area =)

kleiser said...

Hi Guys,

Firstly thanks for all the support and as we are a very new brand in the market i depend largely on comment from customers to constantly improve on our food and service.Just to clear some doubts..
Yes we do have seafood on the menu. Salmon:) we also intend to bring in cod fish in the near future.

Yours sincerly
Kleiser Lee
Ministry of Steak

Anonymous said...

Few ex staff from Astons not only one. lol

Anonymous said...

How you know a few? So it's a copycat ASTONS ah?

grace Chan said...

I went there with my family on a sat and they were a tad crowded. Their sides were okay i guess its hard to go wrong with fries and onion rings however the steak tasted mushy and tasteless. when i asked about it i was told by the manager i presume that: NO NO NO!! its suppose to be like that. Really pissed me off with that type of attitude.

Hope that they will buck up . will give them a second chance since i have always followed timeless facades reviews and he is seldom wrong.
P.s The flies in the restaurant were a big minus point. Felt like it was like pearl habour!!!

fatpig said...

Hi Grace,

thank you for your support! I'm sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. =( Maybe their standard dropped after business started picking up. It usually happens to restaurants after a while, which is most unfortunate. And flies are definitely a big no no.

I might go retry the place one of these days and if the food standard has dropped, I'm writing it off my list.

Anonymous said...

The standard had nvr drop . we're still as efficient as ever even though how our business pick up , our first PRIORITY is still OUR CUSTOMER : D , the reason why MOS are having flies is because that's a construction site opposite but nw they have done alot of things to prevent flies from flying around .

Sometimes due to "Full House" and the "Limited Seat" , we may serve you abit later , i apologise for that ,but that doesnt mean we have bad service but we are trying our best to serve all our customer's well and make sure they are not starve while waiting for their food to be serve . egs: Approx' waiting time : Medium rare steak will need to wait for 10-15min , Medium steak will have to wait for 15-18min , medium well steak will have to wait for 20-25min as for well-done steak will have to wait for 25-28min , as for beef patty Approx time , you can't have medium rare it will cause diarrhea . you can only take Medium Beef Patty which mean the waiting time is 20-25min ,for Medium well Beef Patty the waiting time will be 25-30min and last but not least well done patty waiting time will be 30-35min .Approx : Salmon Fillet waiting time for Med Rare waiting time will be 15min , Med waiting time will be 20-23min , Med Well waiting time will be 25-28min and Well Done waiting time will be 28-30min . When Medium you still see blood actually that's not blood that's the oil oozing out from the meat . Hope that your will be back to try our steak Again .

Your Sincerely ,
Cliffton ,
You can make any reservation thru' 91895732/62801633