Sunday, November 22, 2009

Standing Sushi Bar - A Standard Chartered Invite

This meal was courtesy of Standard Chartered to promote their current dining offer of 15% cashback on all dining payments made using any Standard Chartered card, be it Master, Visa or debit cards at ALL/ANY dining outlets. How it works is simple. For example I dine at random restaurant A and the bill comes up to $100. With a cashback of 15%, that means a savings of $15 on top of any prevailing instore discount for SCB cards. You might have seen the advertisement (the one with the 2 fishes) on TV or print media. And I've walked the talk. Both my SCB cards have been activated for the promotion. ;)


Anonymous said...

the food looks yummy!!! how was it?? surprised you didn't write much on the standing sushi bar.

- S

fatpig said...

Hi S, I thought the food was decent but not exactly cheap if you add up the prices. Beats eating sakae and the likes though!