Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Hand Burger

Yet another new shopping centre, yet another burger joint. With it's wildly successful outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre, The Hand Burger has decided to open up a branch at the new 313 @ Somerset, which is the latest addition to Orchard Road's lineup of shopping malls.

Interior & Menu

The eatery is located at B2 of the shopping mall with its decor revolving around the extensive use of wood and of course mirrors to make the interior seem much bigger than it really is. Tables and seats are reminiscent of school canteens' long communal dining tables and benches. The menu isn't extensive, offering just over 10 different burgers. That's specialisation for you.

The Works Burger

As the name implies, this has all the bells and whistles thrown into it. Think "The Handburger Original" with onion rings, bacon strips and mushrooms. Absolutely terrific sounding if I may say. But hype/expectation usually precedes reality. First and foremost, the bacon strips were a little too hard and dry for my liking while the buns were blackened on the flat surface and probably had a little sweet onion jam on it but I would have preferred it lightly crisp along the edges. As for the beef patty, I appreciated the bits of fats present, which lended a nice chewy texture. However, the patty was overcooked, a little too dry and lacked the inherent beefy sweetness (It's supposed to be a sirloin cut!).

Side of Fries

Thumbs up for the skin that came along, which I personally like. But the fries were too soggy and didn't seem particularly fresh.


Service was decent but that could also be due in part to the lack of crowd on a Saturday afternoon. The burgers are not worth the premium in my humble opinion as they are neither big or particularly great. In short, I am not impressed and I won't be going back in a hurry. One thing I don't quite understand is the fact that they charge 10% service yet I am suppose to go to the counter to make payment after my meal? Is it merely a gimmick to increase the bottomline of the restaurant?

Final Verdict:
Value for money:6/10


Address: B2-17/18/19, 313 @ Somerset & B1-77/78 Raffles City

Contact: 6509 6214 & 6334 4577

Opening Hours: Daily 1130am - 10pm



foodaholic said...

agree that the beef isnt spectacular tho it's considered their "specialty", go for the duck confit! A surprisingly better option to their beef burgers.

fatpig said...

Ironical isn't it? haha. Not too sure if I want to step back there to try anything else. And the outlet at Raffles City is always packed, which just turns me off.

R said...

Hi FP! Long time no see. :)

Handburger's whole "gourmet-specialty-burgers" thing is a gimmick for the mass market methinks, not for the niche. Seemingly chi-chi combinations to let the general masses feel like they're having something gourmet.

I had two HUGE pieces of GRIT in my Handburger. Like bigger than marbles. Unbelievable!!! I told the manager and she replaced it with two more burgers of the same variety.

Singapore is home to terrible burgers and palates. Gosh look at Mac's! Pure garbage but packed to the brim everyday. Having said that, I do enjoy Carl's and MOS when I'm forced to do fast food.

p.s "then" VS "than"

"then" for series of events/illustrate timeline.
"than" for comparison, eg. bigger than, slower than, more than, less than.

Hope I am not annoying. :p

fatpig said...

Hi Rei,

yea its a gimmick. Thanks for pointing out then vs than. I will make the changes asap. I usually don't check my spelling when I blog haha. =)