Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Republic of Steak II

Armed with a promise from the head honcho of Republic of Steak that he would personally grill my steak for me on my next visit, I shrug off the threat of what seemed like an impending thunderstorm to arrive at the eatery just in time for dinner.


Mushroom Soup

The eatery has introduced an "add on" concept which is essentially topping up a couple of dollars ($6.90 in this case) to get a full set, comprising a soup, a drink and a dessert. The mushroom soup tasted straight out of the can, save for bits of grounded mushrooms that added to the texture and taste. A little more stirring would have been appreciated though as I could make out hardened clumps of the soup.

Cowboy Sirloin

The very reason why I was here and yes, the boss did make good on his promise to personally do up my steak for me (he did seem a little exhausted after that though). The steak was done to medium rare in most areas but certain spots were undercooked. That aside, the meat was tender and flavourful with a wonderfully subtle grilled aftertaste. My option of red wine sauce had a nice tinge of red wine, which is a change from the watered down ones I usually get. And if you are feeling guilty over the meat, go for the vegetable sides.

Pork Chop

The grill lines were apparent on the pork chop as well and it showed in the flavour. Smokey grilled taste coupled with decently tender meat, it was actually very decent for the price. The accompanying mushroom sauce was a washout though, coming across as watered down. You might take heed to go for the black pepper sauce instead, as recommended by the eatery.

Lava Cake with Ice Cream

Besides being aesthetically disastrous with the cake looking like it would crumble at any minute and a softer than expected crust (I believe they didn't bake it long enough), the lava cake was surprisingly, decent. Thick chocolate oozed out from the huge dent in the crust, whose texture was a cross between cake and kueh. And they might want to consider putting their ice cream in a less cold environment, considering that I had a hard time initially trying to eat my ice cream because it was simply too hard.


I personally thought that the dinner was rather value for money, considering the location and the quality of food. Service did seem a little lacking though as the wait for the food was quite long and I noticed a number of customers attempting to catch the wait staffs' attention for prolonged periods of time. Fix that and I'll be happy to return again. And again.

Final Verdict:
Value for money:7/10


Address: #01-01 Victoria Hotel, 89 Victoria Street

Contact: 67208103

Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10pm daily


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelvin,

Glad u enjoyed the meal on the whole, still trying to cope with the sudden increase in crowd and we are trying our very best to recruit with the customers interest in mind. We do understand the frustration of waiting and waiting and we hope to be able to get our staff trained and ready in the soonest time possible. Just a few notes. The pork was actually pork steak not pork chop. Oh and thanks for the comments we will try to work on the rest of the stuff that you. The lava cake was due to the inexperience handling of the staff. I'll work on that. Oh and we use genuine home made stock on all my sauces and soup thats why sometimes it might seem to come across as watered down. we try to minimise on the salt content and we do not use any msg on it .

Yours sincerly
Kleiser Lee
Republic Of Steak

lovebirds said...

tried their lava cake a few times and i found it quite unique due to its texture and rich choclatey taste that isn't too sweet. In fact, I liked the fact that there was a right proportion of the cake and molten chocolate (unlike most places where there is more cake than chocolate).

That is why I always have the lava cake when I'm there.

Well, this is just a personal preference. No offence intended. Cheers! (:

fatpig said...

Hi Kleiser and lovebirds, thank you for your comments =)

R said...

Hey FP, if you like salmon, should check out this new-ish joint called Everything With Fries at Holland Village. I had the breaded salmon and it literally MELTS. Service is pretty decent even when packed and free decanter of skyjuice on your table. Hats off to the chef cos lots of top restaurants can't do salmon for nuts. And prices are really wallet-friendly. But try not to have high expectations of their fries or their other stuff cos I didn't try. It's just fries with seasoning. lol. But I did have a bite of my friend's pasta bolognese and it pleasantly surprised me.


fatpig said...

Hi Rei,

I've tried the original outlet of Everything with Fries at Joo Chiat and I quite liked it. Thanks. =)