Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seryna 瀬里奈, Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo, or Japan for that matter, is never complete without a beef sampling expedition. And it's no mystery as to why really, as Japan is famed for its kobe and matsusaka beef. The venue of choice for us was Seryna, an established upmarket eatery with a few select outlets within Tokyo and known for its shabu shabu and teppanyaki.

Exterior & Interior

Perched on the 52nd storey of the Sumitomo Building and a 5 min walk from our hotel, Seryna is divided into 2 sections - 1 for shabu shabu and 1 for teppanyaki. The dining area for teppanyaki was a huge crescent table shared by 12 people or so, with absolutely no spectacular views that would have been associated with being at such a high altitude. The only view you get is of your neighbour's food and the teppanyaki chefs working their magic on the stainless steel counter top.


Prawns (4200¥) & Scallops (2400¥)

We started off with 2 sizable live prawns (one of them did a backflip when it hit the sizzling teppan table) and 4 relatively huge scallops. The prawns were fresh (duh!) and sweet to boot. Even the prawn legs were great - crispy with an ever so light charred taste. Even more enjoyable were the scallops; succulent, sweet and when dipped in garlic butter and a concoction of soy sauce and vinegar, it made for a perfect, almost creamy aftertaste.

Potatoes (Complimentary) & Asparagus (700¥)

Simple yet appetising, the potatoes were a little crisp on the outside and went best with a pinch of natural sea salt. The 2 huge stalks of asparagus were crunchy without being undercooked and paired well with, what else? A sprinkle of sea salt.

Mushrooms (700¥) & Sole (2400¥)

4 mushroom caps served up with a dash of salt - bursting with juices and encapsulating all the earthy flavours. Nothing short of excellent. The sole boasted firm and sweet flesh beneath a lightly brown surface and a buttery finish. Nice! And that's coming from someone who doesn't take his fish very seriously.

Kobe Beef Prime Sirloin (14700¥)

The undisputed star of the whole dinner and the main reason why I was here - 180 grams of very well marbled kobe beef complemented with additional strips of fat that sizzled on the hot surface. Popping one of those strips into my mouth was akin to embracing cancer (carcinogenic due to the charred bits) and obesity, in a crispy sort of way. But heck, it was worth it. Now for the beef proper, which was done up medium rare as requested. Sublimely tender and juicy with a natural beefy goodness - I was literally bowled over. Truly amazing!


And so after the wonderful culinary trip to bovine heaven and back, I was stuck with the reality of an exploding bill that threatened to cut my Tokyo trip short. 28,182¥ (SGD$440) it was, quite a tidy sum. As I walked out of Seryna with my wallet missing a couple of significant bills, I mulled over if the quality justified the price. Yes it did. Just remember to order rice or you might have to visit your neighbourhood MacDonalds for a quick hunger fix (which I regrettably did).

Final Verdict:
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10 (9/10 for the kobe beef)
Value for money: 7.5/10
Overall: 7.75/10

Address: Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg.52nd Floor. 2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0252

Contact: 03-3344-6761

Opening Hours:

Lunch : 11:30~14:00 Mon.~Fri. (Unavailable on Holidays)

Dinner : 17:00~22:30 / Open 16:30 (Sundays & Holidays)



Barry Newman said...

How could you go to macdonalds after such a meal? And in a place with so many lovely choices of food? Argh!

fatpig said...

Hi Barry,

It was the nearest option (just across the street from my hotel) and the idea of a McPork, which isn't available in Singapore, was just too alluring. :P

R said...

I stayed really near Lumine Mall/Takashimaya/Shinjuku Station, are you guys around there? I just came back from Tokyo not too long ago! No idea where Sumitomo Building is but wish I could've caught this nugget of precious info before going. Still, thanks FP! Now I have more purpose than ever to head to Tokyo. :D

fatpig said...

Hi Rei,

Yea we stayed near Shinjuku station, just opposite the Metropolitan Government Office. :D

FourSeasons said...

Seryna is actually the name of the parent group and its shabu shabu restaurant. The tappanyaki restaurant is actually known as Mor Cher Ton Ton: