Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yung Kee Restaurant - Hong Kong

Yung Kee. A legend in Hong Kong and one that I definitely couldn't afford to miss even though I was only in Hong Kong for a whirlwind weekend. And it definitely helped that I love geese.

The Place & Menu

Walk along Wellington Street and you definitely won't miss the huge the huge golden facade with the words 鏞記 inscribed on it. Or ask anyone on the street. How Yung Kee operates is rather interesting. The lowest level serves walk in customers who want their fix of roasted meat rice or noodles where the second level takes reservations. There is also a club/VIP floor as well, which apparently serves better quality food at a steeper pricing of course. To get to the club/VIP floor, you would have to take a special lift at the corner of the building. Talk about making a different entrance.

Char Siew Sou

Being a geese specialty store, I didn't expect much from Yung Kee's char siew sou. And I'm glad I didn't. It wasn't bad, just that it came across as pedestrian. For one, aesthetics were quite lacking and each piece looked rather shabbily done. I do applaud the generous amount of char siew within but it was a little bit too sweet for my liking. And the pastry was a little limp and lacking in butter.

Century Egg Congee

Century egg. Lots of it. All nestled within a bowl of nice, smooth congee that had a serving of lean pork as well. Only problem is, the pork was seriously too salty, even when eaten with the porridge.

Prawn Congee

As with the century egg congee, the prawn congee was smooth but had the addition of thinly sliced ginger, which I personally dislike. Along with 6 fresh prawn balls, the congee provided a stop gap measure against hunger before our goose arrived.

Roast Goose

We ordered half a roast goose and it sure was huge. The skin carried a little crisp but honestly, I found the meat a little too tough for my liking. And my aching jaws bore testament to that. I loved the flavours though - salty with a tinge of sweetness. Very good!


At 440 HKD or about 72 SGD, our lunch certainly wasn't cheap but I wouldn't call it expensive either. Food was generally decent, with the goose standing out (but I would much prefer more tender meat though) in terms of flavours. Service wasn't great but I guess that's Hong Kong for you, especially at old establishments.

Food:7/10 (7.5/10 for the goose)
Value for money:6.5/10


Address: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Contact: (852) 25221624

Opening Hours:

11:00a.m - 11:30p.m (Daily)

Dim-Sum Dining:

2:00p.m - 5:30p.m (Mon to Sat)

11:00a.m -5:30p.m (Sunday & Public Holiday)

Closed The 1st 3 days of Chinese New Year

Website: http://www.yungkee.com.hk/index.html


red fir said...

Oh my, you had 1/2 a roast goose between the 2 of you! I've only reserved one roast goose leg for the 3 of us, which I think it's more than enough, since there would be other dishes to be ordered as well.

fatpig said...

Actually there's no need to reserve. Can just drop by and order. I heard from my friends in HK that the only thing worth eating is the century egg porridge and roast goose, so that's what we did =)

FoodieFC said...

Your HK post coming in handy. Changed my air tickets from BKK to HK!

Good to know no need to reserve! I am gg to try the Goose!!!

fatpig said...

FoodieFC, someone just told me that if you go for lunch, reservations for the goose are not necessary. But if it's for dinner, better to reserve to prevent any disappointment.

And regardless of lunch or dinner, it would be good to book a table through their website. It allows you to sit on the 2nd floor. 1st floor is for walk in folks and only if you want to eat stuff like roast goose rice etc.

FoodieFC said...


thank you for the advice! I will reserve, but mine is 6 person..have to call when I am there. Can I check for 6 person what is the portion of goose should we order? half or 1 whole?

Thank you!

fatpig said...

Personally if you folks are average to big eaters, I would recommend going for a whole goose. The 2 of us finished half a goose + porridge so I don't think it would be very difficult for the 6 of you to down a goose + other dishes?

FoodieFC said...

Also, can I check how did you try the pigeon?

fatpig said...

I didn't try the pigeon in HK cause I really couldn't find time to pack in any more meals lol. I was only there for the weekend =)