Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wan Hao (万豪轩) Part II

Wan Hao used to be a favourite with the family for quiet lunches and delightful dinners amidst the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road. However in recent times, standards have dipped and prices have ballooned, which naturally led to "diminishing returns". But as chance would have it, the 2 of us popped by for dinner after a hectic week at work.

Interior, Menu & Appetiser

Even though Marriott has recently completed a SGD 35 million renovation, Wan Hao has un(fortunately) been spared and the interior hasn't changed one bit. Which isn't bad in my humble opinion. The place still exudes exclusivity and a calming respite from the noise that plagues Singapore's main shopping belt (bar noisy families with kids of course).

Double‐boiled fish maw with conpoy, bamboo pith and cepe mushroom served in shark’s bone consommé

We started off with a bowl of shark bone soup which was nice when taken in moderate quantities. Flavourful without being overly milky and I could make out the richness of the dried abalone.

Roasted Pork

To give the roast pork credit, the skin had a resounding crackle to it but did look a little burnt. I liked that it was adequately salty sans the overwhelming pork taste.

Oven Baked Sea Perch Fillet with Parma Ham in Lime Sauce

I thought that this dish was very well executed. The flesh was firm and the lime sauce/Chinese parsley combination gave it a pseudo Thai feel. Most appetising!

Braised home‐made seaweed beancurd with shredded abalone, conpoy and mushroom

The homemade beancurd sported a crisp exterior with a layer of spinach atop, albeit coming across as rather bland. Enter the dried scallop and mushroom sauce which provided the necessary punch and didn't come across as too starchy.

Wok Fried Fresh Scallop Cubes with Tropical Mango in Fresh Milk and Egg Topped with Crab Roe served on a bed of Vermicelli

Though the description of this dish read delicious, the reality of things was that it was quite the flop. Way too watery with a sandy after texture. The mango cubes were sweet but overall a rather bland and confused dish in my humble opinion. Even the scallops couldn't help. To compound my disappointment, this used to be a dish that I liked quite a fair bit.

Four Treasures Fried Rice

When you have crab meat, BBQ pork, duck, tomato and conpoy all coming together in a plate of fried rice, there is really nothing you should be complaining about. And I'm not. The fried rice was flavourful with a fleeting wok hei. While the BBQ pork provided the necessary tinge of sweetness, the tomatoes imbued the dish with a tart finish. Nice!


The cheque for 2 came up to just over $176. Pricey, if I may say. But great food overall, save for the egg white and mango dish. Standards seemed to have returned to the days of old. Well, almost.

See my previous age old review here.

Final Verdict:

Value for money:6.5/10

Address: Singapore Marriott Hotel Level 3, 320 Orchard Road

Contact: 68314605

Opening Hours: 11.30am–2.30 pm, 6pm–10.30pm


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