Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wild Honey

Brunch on a busy Saturday at Wild Honey's Scotts Square outlet as we didn't fancy standing in line for a table at the Mandarin Gallery store.

The Place

Thankfully this outlet takes reservations but do book early as I overheard a wait staff informing a dejected walk in customer that 1 week advance reservations are recommended. And the full house, coupled with a 90 minute per table dining window proves her point.

The place isn't big and certain tables are placed quite close to each other (go for those at the side if possible), which makes for hush conversation. Oh wait, I forgot. The whole place is so noisy that I probably wouldn't be able to hear myself shout. Okay, that's an exaggeration but by golly, it sounded like a marketplace! You can basically throw any notion of a peaceful and relaxing brunch out of the window!


I'm no big fan of salmon and this dish wasn't about to convert me. The grilled fish was pedestrian, if I may say. And the hollandaise sauce atop was just too mild to be of much use. I did like the bed of crisp rosti though.


I didn't quite take to this dish either as I thought that the scrambled eggs could have been milkier and the bacon, a little less charred at the corner. The potato cubes could have also been a little more crisp instead of coming across as limp and soggy. And the signature brioche left me sorely disappointed. I had envisioned something along the lines of Guy Savoy's Brioche Feuilletée aux Champignons et Truffes but this was just a dense block of bread which I certainly couldn't appreciate.


Greedy us had the "Caribbean" for afters as it seemed like the only dish that qualified as dessert on the menu. As much as I hate to say it, it would have been a pleasant ending to the meal if only there weren't consistency issues. For example, some of the waffles were noticeably darker than the others and some mango slices made me cringe with their sourness. To be fair, I loved the passion fruit syrup/cream and the idea of combining fresh mangoes and bananas with crispy edged waffles. Now if only they worked on their consistency...


I don't know about you, but $82 for a 2 pax brunch in a less than soothing setting coupled with average quality food, does seem quite over the top. I seriously fail to understand the hype. Herd mentality at work, maybe?

Final Verdict:
Ambience:6/10 (terribly noisy)
Value for money:5/10


Address: 3rd Floor, Scotts Square

Contact: 66361816

Opening Hours: 9am - 9pm (Daily)



Anonymous said...

Yep: sent once, never went twice. Don't understand why people are queuing to eat average food in a badly designed space.
But in Singapore queues are people magnets.

FoodieFC said...

I have yet to try Wild Honey. Reading this further reinforce what is on my mind.

Theere 's a 90 minute window to dine? I can't sit there and enjoy my cup of tea? (oh you mention is too noisy too lol)

fatpig said...

You could, if you keep within the 90min time limit I guess? But I'm not too sure if the time limit is only applicable for brunch hours or is it enforced all day.

Anonymous said...

Geez you go to wild honey and expect guy savoy.

fatpig said...

Yep expectations were probably wrongly placed but that doesn't change the fact that the brioche was just a dense block of bread. I've definitely had better at many other places. =)

adel said...

went there once just to find out what's the hype all about, just another overpriced breakfast-all-day outlet...just why egg-based food is so freaking expensive here...

fatpig said...

Yep I definitely think its overpriced. I don't remember eggs being so expensive in Singapore!

Beena said...

Still as bad...sat down at 1, got our food at 1.15 and at 1.45 were told twice that the next group was waiting....
Dec 31,2013