Thursday, December 27, 2012

Other Eats, Shanghai


We went to the outlet along Huang He Road (97 黄河路) and it was quite packed on a Saturday morning. Skip the soups and go straight for the 生煎包, which were crisp at the bottom and boasted a slightly elastic skin, enveloping a generous lump of meat and soup. I don't exactly remember how much the 生煎包 goes for, but I believe them to be in the range of 5-6 CNY (SGD 1 to 1.20) for 4.

Right across the road from 小杨生煎 is another iconic Shanghai eatery, 佳家汤包 (90 黄河路). As the name suggests, this place is famous for their 汤包 aka 小籠包. And they are good. Though the skin isn't as thin as the ones from 鼎泰豐, the filling is a clear winner here, especially if you like a rich, porky taste. And price wise, 佳家 definitely takes the cake, with 12 汤包 going for a mere 13 CNY (SGD 2.60).


Comparing Singapore and Shanghai's 鼎泰豐, I am inclined to think that the outlets in Singapore edge out its Chinese counterparts in terms of quality. However, the Shanghai outlets serve a couple of seasonal hairy crab dishes which are value for money in my humble opinion.


The name might sound vulgar but this "brother of KFC" (肯德基兄弟) actually serves up quite decent and value for money set lunches. For 28 CNY (SGD 5.50), I got a huge chicken drumstick, minced meat rice, a soup and a soya bean drink.

Park Hyatt Shanghai (上海柏悦酒店)

View from our diplomat suite on the 88th Floor

The food at Park Hyatt Shanghai was surprisingly good, especially their Eggs Benedict @ 100 Century Restaurant, which is made to order during breakfast. I liked the complimentary diamond benefit of the passion fruit tart and a bottle of wine as well.  All in all, a great stay and a great trip!

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