Saturday, June 29, 2013

Other Eats II, Shanghai - A Pictorial

Just a couple of shots of what I ate in Shanghai. Do excuse some of my shots as they were taken using my mobile phone. Food is generally inexpensive and pretty decent. 

 photo 20130331_193700_zps8fcc79b7.jpg
 photo 20130331_183027_zps834eee29.jpg
 photo 20130331_145953_zpscbcb908a.jpg
 photo 20130331_123556_zps691d860b.jpg
 photo 20130330_102755_zps86c78d3e.jpg
 photo 20130317_084804_zps1ab195e7.jpg

 photo 20130316_185327_zpsbbc56a00.jpg
 photo IMG_20130316_153526_zpsd09fd338.jpg
 photo IMG_20130316_135308_zps66fefba5.jpg
 photo 20130314_185518_zpsbdd9526a.jpg
 photo 20130314_202640_zps708d83ae.jpg
 photo 20130314_133122_zps2f0cb4a0.jpg
 photo 20130314_185502_zps42dcdcda.jpg
 photo IMG_20130314_105827_zps7afb06fb.jpg

And ending off with a couple of random shots of Shanghai and my room @ Waldorf Astoria.

 photo 20130330_112638_zps953c0ccd.jpg
 photo 20130316_180628_zpse6c35e52.jpg
 photo IMG_4713_zps40ea1887.jpg
 photo IMG_4710_zpsed5594e1.jpg
 photo IMG_4579_zps626cfc57.jpg


Anonymous said...

Hi, is that a jackfruit in the 3rd pic from the top?

fatpig said...

Hi there,

Yep it is :)