Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eats in Busan, South Korea

This was a whirlwind trip to Busan and Geoje Island for me so I will just let the pictures do the talking.

 photo 20131004_222050_zps71841522.jpg
 photo 20131008_125408_zps696b8a4a.jpg

Great steak from CX and noodles @ The Wing, HK

 photo 20131005_114937_zpsce33e99b.jpg

Beef Bap

 photo 20131005_203437_zps656da7d7.jpg

Cheap and delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream

 photo 20131005_205923_zps7bbdc0b1.jpg
 photo IMG_5914_zpsddb29d36.jpg

Delicious croissant like pastry with chocolate sauce and whipped cream@ Cafe Bene

 photo 20131006_123054_zpsf61757b3.jpg

 photo 20131006_124402_zps41ae78a7.jpg

Twigim Soboro (bread filled with red bean paste and deep-fried) from Michelin recommended bakery Sung Sim Dang

 photo 20131006_114410_zpsf57e11c0.jpg

Interesting Wild Shrimp Burger @ Lotteria

 photo 20131007_094611_zps8f85cd1a.jpg

Largest dessert spread I've seen in a hotel buffet @ Lotte Hotel Busan

 photo 20131007_171611_zps92cf2eff.jpg
 photo IMG_5917_zps4037b7db.jpg
 photo IMG_5918_zpsfd94d113.jpg

Pork Leg & Belly

 photo 20131007_130711_zps23214486.jpg

Crepes @ the ever popular Crepe Ein's

 photo IMG_5941_zps30985098.jpg
 photo IMG_5925_zps2b978623.jpg

Niku Don & Breads from Paris Baguette

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