Sunday, March 26, 2017

Long Chim Singapore - Surprisingly Mediocre Thai Food

The 3 of us were having lunch at Long Chim (which translates to come and taste), a relatively upscale Thai restaurant at Marina Bay Sands owned by renowned Australian Celebrity Chef David Thompson, who is also behind the award winning Thai restaurant, Nahm, in Bangkok.

 photo L1000073_zpslxzse9we.jpg

The Place

Located on the 2nd floor of MBS, Long Chim boasts a modern and trendy interior with Asian twists, scenes of Bangkok and a view of Marina Bay from certain tables. But the view is a double edged sword because you get plenty of natural light (great!) and some of the heat as well (not so great). 

As this was our first visit, we decided to go with the set lunch.

 photo L1000077_zps7zkzn32d.jpg

Cured Pork Fritters

Deep fried breaded cubes filled with sourish cured pork and an uneven distribution of chilli; best eaten with the peanuts to help neutralise the sourness. No great shakes and not my cup of tea.

 photo L1000079_zpsunx15enm.jpg

Miang Prawn

One of my dining companions had the Miang prawn, which was an assortment of ingredients (dried prawns, shallots, peanuts etc) wrapped in a betel leaf. Sweet, spicy and sour all at once - akin to a zesty rojak paste. Can't say this was well received.

 photo L1000081_zpsog7u8sic.jpg

Fried Rice with Roast Duck

This was my main course and though this dish came across as lightly salty and savoury, it lacked any discernable wok hei. I couldn't quite make out the taste of the duck slices as well, which was a pity. Overall a rather forgettable dish of fried rice.

 photo L1000082_zpsoaqp9brq.jpg

Sweet Mango Sticky Rice

One of the quintessential Thai desserts, the humble mango sticky rice. Mildly sweet mango slices atop rather watery rice (too much creamy coconut milk!) and sprinkled with fried mung bean to inject some crunch. Decent dessert but portion sizes are minute; I finished the whole thing in 2 spoonfuls. 

 photo L1000084_zpssqknvzqx.jpg


Lunch for the 3 of us cost ~ $94, which isn't expensive (ala carte and dinner prices are quite a bit higher though) given the prices at Marina Bay Sands in general but quality is average at best. Overhyped and rather underwhelming in my humble opinion. Service is decent though.

Final Verdict:

Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 5.5/10
Value for money: 5.5/10

Overall: 6.25/10

Address: #02-02, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Contact: 6688 7299

Opening Hours: 12pm to 11pm daily


Sunday, March 05, 2017

Park Bench Deli II - Even Better Than My First Visit

I was craving sandwiches and decided to drop by Park Bench Deli one evening after work to avoid the office crowds.

 photo L1000069_zpsgnj8ql5i.jpg

The Place

Nothing seems to have changed since my last visit (the variety of drinks in the chiller seem to have increased; definitely a good thing).

 photo L1000068_zpsvs4djd4h.jpg

Cheese Steak

I reckon this was modeled after the famous Philadelphia cheese steak but it didn't quite taste the same. That's not to say that it was bad. In fact, I found it quite enjoyable with its strong caramelised onion overtures coupled with a cheesy base and lightly chewy strips of beef. The bread could do with some work though, coming across as a tad stodgy.

 photo L1000070_zpsnq5m6nai.jpg


$16 nett for a delicious sandwich; definitely worth it in my humble opinion.

 photo L1000071_zpseosxfnqs.jpg

Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich

Had the PBJ sandwich as well and I still find Artistry's rendition better (though it's been a while since I've eaten there). You can see my write up on the PBJ sandwich here.

Final Verdict:

Ambience: 7/10 (quirky place)
Service: NA
Food: 7/10
Value for money: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

Address: 179 telok ayer street

Contact: 6815 4600

Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri - 1030am till 10pm (closed daily from 4pm to 5pm and last food order at 930pm)

Sat - 1030am till 4pm(last food order at 330pm)